1. David Collier chatting with Patrick Joust for Renegade Visions.

    Where do you live?

    Baltimore, Maryland USA

    What is life like living there?

    Baltimore is famous for its problems, which are profound, but it’s also an underrated city. I’ve written before about how I see Baltimore as a microcosm of America. It can be very nice with the amenities and rich cultural life that exists here, but it all depends on which neighborhood you can live in. I happen to live in a relatively safe and prosperous part of town, and even though I explore the whole city through my photography, I always have a comfortable place to return to.

    Anyone who has watched “The Wire” knows something about what life is like here, but I think it would be a mistake to assume that Baltimore is completely unique. The inequities that exist in Baltimore are prevalent throughout the U.S. Some of the contrasts between rich and poor may be more obvious, but it can be found everywhere. 

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